Sit Downriver

Today I learned, from Sally, to always sit on the northeast side of the Red Line: on the right going out of Boston and on the left going in.  This way, you get a glorious view of the Charles.  We saw zillions of small sailboats in the setting sun in the evening, then dedicated crew teams in the morning sun.

As an added bonus, there is an ad poster series set up to work as animation, at one point, on the wall of the outbound train.

Thanks, Sal!

Drop and give me 20…

“reps of Rolling Like a Ball”?

Sally learned that the Army is changing physical training and incorporating pilates and yoga moves, to build fitness fit for the tasks ahead, not just  for the test.  She said “I think there may be a lesson in here about people changing their ways and realizing the value of quality over quantity when it comes to exercise.”

Here is the article: