Low Tech Remedy

Jenn C, who is fighting a nasty cough, heard two different people recommend the same solution for sleep in the same day, so she tried it and it worked for her!

She put Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet at bedtime, then her socks, and then slept better and got more rest than she had in weeks.

What do you think?  Have you done this?  Why would it work?  As a reflexology-related effect, as Jenn suspects?

Wanted: Clue

I have learned that I really have no idea if I am hungry or not, unless I am starving.  This is another of those things I keep learning again and again.   The Game On Diet ( http://www.thegameondiet.com/ ) has provided an interesting structure for me (and the other dozens of players in my round), but on the “day off”, I’m left to my own clueless cues, lost in the land of “what can I eat now?”.

So what’s the answer?  Keep a structure in place, such as this one, forever? 

What did you learn today?

Eat now, repent later

Today I learned* that I can go ahead and eat the yummy sugary fatty treat, and it will taste just great, but that a few minutes later it will just feel bad.  Not regret-bad, but that-was-the-wrong-thing-for-me-bad. 

* I have “learned” this so many times that this just may not be the last time I’ll learn it before I … learn it.  So I’ll bookmark this entry and just point back to it, if needed.  Sheesh.