Flip It!

I learned a new way to make a tough decision.  Actually, I learned a new way to find out what you already know.  Lava told me this a long time ago and I used a variation of it last night.  Here it is: Flip a coin and see how you feel about the result.  There’s your answer!

Last night I crowdsourced my exercise decision for this morning: Should I go to spin class, water aerobics, or yoga?  I put it out on facebook where thirty friends weighed in.  As I watched the voting and read the comments, I realized that although I always love yoga, I really needed a workout and I wanted the answer to be water aerobics.  Yoga won the vote.  I had committed to go with the results, so I did both!

Next time, I’ll flip a coin.  Or maybe ask my friends – it was so cool to hear what they thought – I have so many yogis in my midst!  And then I’ll see what I think of the answer.