Getting It Wrong, and Being OK

Today I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day.  But this time was different. This time I didn’t beat myself up for making that mistake, nor did I tell myself that I am exceptionally busy/stressed/distracted.  This time, I get it.  And it’s all because I read this article, which I wish I read many years ago: The Highly Haphazard Woman.   If you want to know what I’m talking about, I must recommend this article. Just stop and click the link. It’s more profound than anything I’m going to write here, that’s for sure.

Did you do it? Isn’t she amazing? Or does she just annoy you, because she’s so “scattered”? I can’t stop thinking about this article. It says so much about the train that runs through my head. I don’t have illusions of being successful on the scale of this author, but I do get stuff done. Lots of stuff. And I drop lots of pieces, which often looks like showing up on the wrong day. When I do that, I used to (as in my whole life until last week when I read this article) explain it by saying I had more than usual going on. But that was rarely the real explanation. The real explanation is that I have a lot of “moving parts.” It’s not a choice I made. It’s how I’m wired. And the downside of that is that wheels fall off, from time to time.

I never want to inconvenience my friends and loved ones with my mistakes, so I do what I can to get all this right. For example, since I just don’t find the google calendar iphone app intuitive, I’ll ask Siri to post my appointments for me in the future. But when I do drop a ball, I’m going to pick up and just keep juggling!

What do you think? Post a note or drop me a line!

One thought on “Getting It Wrong, and Being OK”

  1. jane, i’ll be at family camp for a day visit wed; will you be there (or won’t i know until you do or don’t appear : )

    taffy brodesser-akner gives me much to consider. thx!

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