Speak It into Existence

I learned this line today from Jason at our Helpdesk.  It turns out that it’s not new, but it’s new to me.  He was being optimistic about the success of the VPN patch but, really this has a much broader application.   “Speak it into existence” was his line for stating out loud what you want to happen, to put it out there and watch it go.


Have you done this?  What did you speak it into existence?

2 thoughts on “Speak It into Existence”

  1. Senior year in high school I delivered my entire 10-minutes-without-notes presentation for Problems of Democracy in a dream; woke up in the morning, knew I’d be fine in class giving the live presentation, and I was!

    Other times, I state out loud what I want to have happen and, if it does happen, I don’t recognize whatever form it has taken!

    Nonetheless, I continue to state out loud my wishes.

  2. Do it all the time with Gareth’s music ! He made #2 on the Billboard New Age Charts at only 17 years old becoming the youngest artist to ever do so because of this principle – it works!

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