Getting It Wrong, and Being OK

Today I showed up for an appointment on the wrong day.  But this time was different. This time I didn’t beat myself up for making that mistake, nor did I tell myself that I am exceptionally busy/stressed/distracted.  This time, I get it.  And it’s all because I read this article, which I wish I read many years ago: The Highly Haphazard Woman.   If you want to know what I’m talking about, I must recommend this article. Just stop and click the link. It’s more profound than anything I’m going to write here, that’s for sure.

Did you do it? Isn’t she amazing? Or does she just annoy you, because she’s so “scattered”? I can’t stop thinking about this article. It says so much about the train that runs through my head. I don’t have illusions of being successful on the scale of this author, but I do get stuff done. Lots of stuff. And I drop lots of pieces, which often looks like showing up on the wrong day. When I do that, I used to (as in my whole life until last week when I read this article) explain it by saying I had more than usual going on. But that was rarely the real explanation. The real explanation is that I have a lot of “moving parts.” It’s not a choice I made. It’s how I’m wired. And the downside of that is that wheels fall off, from time to time.

I never want to inconvenience my friends and loved ones with my mistakes, so I do what I can to get all this right. For example, since I just don’t find the google calendar iphone app intuitive, I’ll ask Siri to post my appointments for me in the future. But when I do drop a ball, I’m going to pick up and just keep juggling!

What do you think? Post a note or drop me a line!

Speak It into Existence

I learned this line today from Jason at our Helpdesk.  It turns out that it’s not new, but it’s new to me.  He was being optimistic about the success of the VPN patch but, really this has a much broader application.   “Speak it into existence” was his line for stating out loud what you want to happen, to put it out there and watch it go.


Have you done this?  What did you speak it into existence?

The Music of Dementia

“It’s like the opera,” Elaine taught me: You don’t need to understand the words to understand the emotion and to follow along.

She, along with so many of us, has a loved one with dementia.  She has learned that when she doesn’t understand, the words don’t matter, that the conversation is like music. As long as the music is playing, you can listen along and tap into whatever you can.

Being with someone with dementia, or mental illness, can be so frustrating.  I love the idea of going with the flow in a whole new way.


Color Your World

Are you painting any time soon?  Lori and who else? Well, we are, and I have learned about some cool tools to help choosing, and seeing, color.

First, you can pick a color from anywhere!  There are apps that will let you turn any photo into a paint color choices.  I used the Sherwin-Willams app ColorSnap, from the app store, to match:

The carpet in my office:

2018-03-19 16.29.46

My scarf!

2018-03-19 16.29.14

A pastel drawing:

2018-03-19 16.41.18

How fun is this????  Try it!

But you don’t buy Sherwin-Williams?  No problem!  All paint colors are just formulas, or recipes.   My hardware store will convert any name brand to theirs, and/or you can use an online tool, such as color-swatches,  to do it yourself:

convert paint colors

Then every paint company has an app and/or a website to let you see the color in your room.  They all seem a little buggy to me, but I’ve had fun with Prestige ColorPic:

2018-03-19 17.25.39

What are your favorite tools for this?  Also, what can you find to color match?


More Than Just a Pretty Picture – Make Your Phone Contact Photo Work For You

You know that picture that comes up on your phone when someone calls you?  There is SO much more that you can do with that!

While I have lots of places to store things on my phone – Reminders, Notes, Photos – there is only one place I count on to search and find things quickly, and that’s my Contacts.  Each Contact has one photo, and I have learned to make that work for me.

  • I took a photo of my AAA card and I always have it with me, under AAA.
  • I took a photo of my eyeglass prescription, and I always have it with me, under the name of my eye doctor.
  • I took a photo of all of my sewing thread, stored it under the only place I go for thread, and I never again have to wonder what colors I have at home – or buy another duplicate.


Note that for all these, there is one more step: I need to start to edit the photo if I need to see ALL the edges outside of the circle – in this case, all the thread.  It’s worth it.

What do you store in your Contacts?  What could you store?

Narrow the Field

When I call my eye doctor for an appointment, they don’t ask for my name first.  They ask for my birth date first.  How brilliant is that?  Now they are immediately down to 1/365 of the possible patients and we don’t have to go back and forth about how to spell my last name, which they are otherwise likely to question and/or “fix” as they go: they see it on their short list.

I don’t know what the lesson is in this.  I just think it’s thinking outside the box and that it’s cool.   Maybe you know where you can use this trick or maybe you’ll just question something you’ve “always done that way.”  Let me know!

phone number