Color Your World

Are you painting any time soon?  Lori and who else? Well, we are, and I have learned about some cool tools to help choosing, and seeing, color.

First, you can pick a color from anywhere!  There are apps that will let you turn any photo into a paint color choices.  I used the Sherwin-Willams app ColorSnap, from the app store, to match:

The carpet in my office:

2018-03-19 16.29.46

My scarf!

2018-03-19 16.29.14

A pastel drawing:

2018-03-19 16.41.18

How fun is this????  Try it!

But you don’t buy Sherwin-Williams?  No problem!  All paint colors are just formulas, or recipes.   My hardware store will convert any name brand to theirs, and/or you can use an online tool, such as color-swatches,  to do it yourself:

convert paint colors

Then every paint company has an app and/or a website to let you see the color in your room.  They all seem a little buggy to me, but I’ve had fun with Prestige ColorPic:

2018-03-19 17.25.39

What are your favorite tools for this?  Also, what can you find to color match?


3 thoughts on “Color Your World”

  1. Interesting apps, thanks for the ideas. For myself, I have decided to only paint one wall in a room a color other than white. Makes it easier to change the color, when the need arises, and in bedrooms you usually see the one wall across from the door so why paint the other three? I’m glad to see you posting more frequently, too, Jane. Good for you. You do have many great things to share!

  2. I love these tips!!! Thank you. We have lots of designing and painting going on, and my husband and I struggle with decisions, but they’re coming along. We just had to choose exterior siding color (dark gray), shutter colors (black), a front door color (burnt red) and a dining room color (a soft beige/yellow) and we’re so happy with all of them, so we’re on a roll. These paint color apps will help us with upcoming projects such as the micro office.

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