By Any Other Name

I have learned that it is OK for me to say “I will pray for you” (your newborn baby, your brother-in-law, yet another newborn baby) without disclaiming it to be whatever I take for prayer or calling it good vibes or thoughts or anything else.


3 thoughts on “By Any Other Name”

  1. I have come to this realization too. It used to make me feel guilty, like I was being fraudulent. But I have decided that what I need to do is comfort them in ways that work for *them* and it feels right.

    Sometimes I say, “I will keep you in my heart.” I like that a lot, and it feels meaningful to me.

  2. I agree. A long time ago, I thought God must get very bored listening to a bunch of canned prayers, so I when I pray, it’s more conversational.

  3. Amen to that….
    it is all about comforting those who need it. And summoning help from the greater powers is universal, no matter how we frame the words in our little human minds …

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