Two Lessons from Tree

Today we feature two lessons taught to me by two teachers, both about Tree pose.  Which one speaks to you?

Celeste, one of my wonderful teachers at Mandala Studio of Yoga, taught me this: “If you lose your balance but you keep your breath, you haven’t lost anything at all.”      Wow!

Michelle figured out that if you practice Tree pose enough, you may find that you have enough balance to change your clothes in a gross beach changing room while balancing on one clean flip flop, never having to step directly on the icky floor.

One thought on “Two Lessons from Tree”

  1. Jane, I was so happy to see you at class tonight! Thank you for joining me to practice.
    I am also very honored to have shared a learned lesson with you. When my own guru first told me, I thought “This is really, really big! How did I not know this already?”

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