Return to IKEA: Do the Math

I thought I had IKEA all learned up, in a previous lesson, but on this day I learned to ADD!

Lesson 1: Do the Math

There was a promotion running: spend $100 and your lunch is free.  What we should have done, but didn’t, was add up our joint purchases as we went, so see what to combine.  In this case, one of the “should I buy this or not?” could have been included for less than free!  They would have paid us to buy it – if we had spent $10 more they would give us $26 back.   Unfortunately, we figured this our right after ringing up.  Which brings us to…

Lesson 2: Do the Math

If it takes 20 minutes to go through the checkout line the first time, then it’s going to take at least 20 minutes to go through the checkout line the second time.  If you don’t have another 20 minutes, cut your losses and leave.

And a bonus lesson: Anything that is fun (and we happen to find IKEA to be fun) is even more fun if you add Baby Lillian!  Here she is checking out an IKEA high chair in a demo kitchen: