Colorful Lessons

These are some of the things I learned from the Color Me Rad run today. in which Sally and I ran (or so) a 5K (or so) and were happily pelted with color, along with about a million (or so) other very crazy people:

1.  Go early!   This many people converging on one place with limited parking means go really early, even if it means waking up at 5:50 AM on a Sunday.  It was worth it!

2. Wear sunscreen, not just for the SPF of it.  It turns out that the parts with sunscreen were the ones parts took up lots of color AND washed off the best.  That second part is way worth it.

3. If you wear contacts, plan to throw them out after the race.  Mine were bright blue!

4. Bring enough sheets to totally cover the seat of each passenger, and put them out before the run,.

5. Bring extra (expendable) clothes to change into for the car ride home, and plastic bags to contain everything you take off.

6. Meeting others?  Set a meeting place and time way in advance.  Remember the days before cell phones?  Well this is a return to that simpler time.  This is no place for electronics unless you have one of these and can…

7. Bring your camera in an underwater camera bag.

8. When you get to the check-in, buy extra color packets to carry (we had a waist pack) and use at the finale (see video at link above.)  Oh – so that means bring cash.

9. Do the math: If the formula for making the color permanent is to pour vinegar on the shirts, dry them and iron them, then perhaps touching them with bare hands during this process would be a really bad idea – you think???  So much for the extensive scrubbing earlier in the day – green hands are back!

Here we are before:

And here we are, colorized:

You can read more about it, and see more, in Sally’s Blog!