Finding the Open Door

From Jill:

“You can’t run through a closed door without getting hurt. It’s usually better to accept it as one of those little dead ends on a maze that helps bump you back onto the path that will lead you to the open door! (I learned this when I bought my VW Bug…that I’m still paying for…..HUGE lesson learned)”

Make a Long Story Short (too late!)

As Barbara would say, it’s all about the “context.”

I have learned that if someone asks me “How’s your job going?”, they don’t necessarily need to hear the gory details, the highs, the lows, the frustrations and delights, if they happen to be  my financial adviser who just wants to know how long I plan to stay in this position at this salary!

Sorry, Chris!  Next time, I’ll save the deets for my peeps!

Pin It!

I learned, first from Jill and Carolyn, about Pinterest, and now I’ve learned how to use it.  Such fun!

For some reason, there is a multiple-step registration process, in which you “request an invitation” … huh?  But after that, you can browse millions of images and, more important to me, ideas.

This is  perfect example.  I found this idea on Pinterest.  I clicked the image and it brought me to instructions.  Then I made it!!


The point of Pinterest is that they show you how to do it.  Here is one photo that gives it all away:

This was done almost completely with found objects – plus plants from the Goffstown Garden Club.

Later, I’ll post my version on Pinterest, providing a link to this.    Such fun!

Cup Half Sunny

Today I learned another great thing about being optimistic: You get to have more fun!

Yesterday on a rainy afternoon, I was ready to bail on a Sunday morning 5K with a 90% chance of rain.

Sally told me that she was OK with not running in the rain, but not OK with not running if the weather turned out fine.  And since we wouldn’t know until the start gun what the weather would be, we decided to go for it.  I stayed overnight, we took the Red Line to Harvard Square nice and early, ran a great race, and had a fun morning together, including a great brunch (don’t do the math, it’s better that way.)

Optimism won the day.  As it often does.

Incoming Lessons!

Yes, I’m still here and still learning and still happy to share what I’ve learned.  So here come a bunch of lessons that I’ve been scribbling down, with more to follow as I find the scraps and can figure out what I meant…

I would like to think that I will now learn to just post as I go, but procrastination when linked with perfectionism is either a perfect storm for lack of progress or a great big lesson to be learned or maybe both.

Thanks for hanging in.  I would love to hear your comments in any format or forum.  But here would be awesome!