Incoming Lessons!

Yes, I’m still here and still learning and still happy to share what I’ve learned.  So here come a bunch of lessons that I’ve been scribbling down, with more to follow as I find the scraps and can figure out what I meant…

I would like to think that I will now learn to just post as I go, but procrastination when linked with perfectionism is either a perfect storm for lack of progress or a great big lesson to be learned or maybe both.

Thanks for hanging in.  I would love to hear your comments in any format or forum.  But here would be awesome!

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Dear BlogReaders,

If you are reading this via email, you already learned this lesson (and just received all the lessons I had saved up on little scraps of paper!  Thanks for your patience!), so this is for anyone who has come across this post on the blog webpage.

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Natural Rhythms

A Friend* learned that she could return to the natural rhythms of her body, get more sleep, and be much more productive, by giving up large amounts of caffeine.

She traded a pattern of very late nights for one of earlier mornings, and is getting more done, while feeling much better.

* I almost didn’t get this lesson to share.  Unlike me, my friend does not want to publicize every detail of her life, by name.  If you will share something valuable and don’t want me to use even your first name, just let me know – I can do that!  Learning through others is what this is all about!

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Let’s make something together!  Let’s celebrate posting over 500 lessons together!  I’m interested in giving away something with the link on it, and I’m thinking water bottle.

Let’s design it together!   If you help me, I’ll send you one!  Actually, if you ASK, I’ll send you one, but help me anyway!

What should be on it other than the web address?   Should we use the books image on the web version?  Some other image?

Let’s do this together!  Post here or send me a message!


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I wish I had (or could make) time to post every lesson as I learn it, but it’s been 1.5 years and that is surely not the trend.  So when I have time like this, a beautiful quiet early summer weekend morning, I grab my pile of scraps of paper, and start typing.  In the past, I’ve posted the lesson close to when I’ve learned it.  You website-only readers may never see those!  Today I’ll post them close by for you to see them, but the best way for you to not miss a lesson, which could be one I learned from YOU, is to go right ahead and sign up.

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Compulsion + Procrastination = Stress

In the past 17 months, I have many things about lessons learned.   One big thing is that there are lessons everywhere, particularly now that I am tuned in to noticing them.  That was one surprise.

Another wonderful surprise is how many people are following and enjoying these lessons.  That is what has kept me going beyond the original year.

Not surprising are two things I already knew about myself.  The first is that I procrastinate.  In 1980 I sent away to join an active group in Philadelphia called Procrastinators of America.  I knew better than to send the application back right away.  I still have it (I really do!), but that’s OK because they always counted people like me in their membership counts.  The second is that I am somewhat compulsive.  Steve says “Ya think?” so maybe more than somewhat.

So I notice lessons all day long, and I am compelled to record them and keep up or catch up with one lesson a day, but I put off typing them up until I “have time” and this has me way way behind and it bothers me.

I will now attempt to catch up before mid-year, on July 1.  Wish me luck!


“Don’t let the perfect drive out the good”

My brilliant and profound (or is it profane?) husband taught me / teaches me this lesson.

Perhaps others said it first, say maybe Voltaire, but Steve says it better.

On this day, the desire to perfectly summarize the lessons of 2010 has been keeping me from adding perfectly good lessons and get on with 2011, so no more of that!  Here we go with another year!

I have purchased the address and I am on a roll!

Email me your lessons as you learn them and I’ll give you your own day!

Thank you for a year of lessons!