Feedback Rocks

Over the course of the year, I have learned that this blog is MUCH more fun when people post comments.

So for those of you who have been commenting, keep ’em coming!  It fuels me!

And for those of you quietly reading, we would all love to hear from you!!

Also please email me things you learn.  I am frantically trying to catch up way before the end of the year.



What’s That You Say?

I have learned that I LOVE to hear from you on these blog posts!  

If you are  reading on the web (thank you!) then just click “Leave a Comment”. 

If you following by email (thank you!) then you can just reply to the email to leave a comment.

If you have lessons to post, send me an email and teach me something!  I will post it as the lesson of the day.

I love to hear from you!

The Public Option

I have learned that I am not as public as I imagined.  I learn lots of things that I just can’t post because they are not things I can share with the world.  Some of them are about work, some are about people and they don’t make sense – or become coherent lessons – out of context. 

What I can do is get all general about what I am learning, and I will continue to do that here.  I am continously amazed at how much I learn every day.