Seemed Easy in January

I have learned that identifying and posting a lesson every day is not nearly as easy as it seemed at the start of the year.  I don’t always learn something new to share every day.  I’m going to need more help for this!

3 thoughts on “Seemed Easy in January”

  1. I’ve learned lots of things from your blogs, Jane!! I don’t always comment on your posts, but I love to see “Jane’s Lessons Learned” pop up in the subject line – it makes my day.

    Here are some things I’ve learned this year. 1) boys should not be allowed in the girls dressing room at a dance competition, even if the girls are wearing beige leotards. Ha. You’d think this is a no brainer, but no, I had to fight for this one. 2) muscle will turn into flab in 3 short months when I don’t exercise. Tres tragic. 3) people’s opinions are very subjective, and therefore, do not have to be taken to heart (and maybe I am special enough to run with in a big way). 4) a cat does not just play with a mouse until it’s dead, it eats the poor thing, head to tail, and then licks the blood off the grass (gross, but true, and no, I wasn’t the witness to such gore, that would be my husband who believes in Darwinism in a big way) 5) that I really should not give advice to my teenage son’s friends about their love lives (even to tell them that it is not very nice to break up with someone on Facebook by listing their relationship status as single) because it will come back to haunt him, as well as me, 6) blood may be thicker than water, but I would be lost without my friends, and 7) yes, Victor Hugo was a brilliant, brilliant man who has boiled down every religion known to man and reduced them to one perfect sentence.

  2. Jane, I love your Blog and really enjoy the comments your family and friends add to the mix! Gina’s lessons learned are great! I can so relate. My cats bring me dying presents, my dog,Oliver, brought me a bone which looks like the femur of a horse,(our property was originally below the horse barns on River Bluff farms), and I have also advised my son’s friends when they did not ask me to! I got long, meaningful glares from Jeff. The point is… Even if you feel pressed for a lesson learned, ten friends will have your back. How cool is that! Thanks!

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