Like Minds (not)

This is a big one.

I have learned that, through fortune and choice, I have surrounded myself with people who think like I do and who understand me well.  That is a glorious thing!

It means, however, that I have learned to expect people to know what I’m talking about, or even what I mean.  Sometimes I end up talking in shortcuts, which works great when I’m with my family and long time friends, when I have the same boss for 10 years.  One word or phrase implies a whole story.  Often a funny one. (You know what I mean – you can post them as comments!)

This model does NOT work when I’m with new people and/or people who don’t think like I do!

My next big lessons are going to be about noticing when I’m out of my friendly frequency, when I need to spell things out, and how do make that shift!

Wish me luck!


I learned (again) that weekends filled with friends, family, fresh air and exercise refresh and renew me, and fill me with energy.

This one included lots of that: time with my husband, long brisk walks with 3 of my very favorite friends, a yoga class, attending  my sister’s rock band debut, good food.  What’s missing?  Oh yeah!  My babies!  That’s next weekend!

They all should be this fun.

What’s That You Say?

I have learned that I LOVE to hear from you on these blog posts!  

If you are  reading on the web (thank you!) then just click “Leave a Comment”. 

If you following by email (thank you!) then you can just reply to the email to leave a comment.

If you have lessons to post, send me an email and teach me something!  I will post it as the lesson of the day.

I love to hear from you!

[Drive-up] Window of Opportunity

The time to check your order is when you are at the window.  Once you drive away, you may be stuck with sugar (yuk!)  in your non-fat iced latte and there is nothing you can do about it except get back in line and who’s going to do that? 

So take a minute and do the quaility check in that one and only window of opportunity.

Window of Opportunity

I have learned (more than once*) that some things have an expiration date on value, and they need to be taken care of on time.    Documents that describe an event, for example, lose shelf life pretty quickly.  Feedback is another.

Get it done, get it over, get it out.

* I think I need to add a new category for Lessons Learned Again and Again


I may need a new category for Big Lessons, and this is one for me.

Sometimes I just need to ASK.  Instead of trying to figure out the answer or project what it is I’m answering at all, I need to just ASK: What do you have in mind?  What are your solutions for this? 

I don’t have to have all the answers.  Sometimes I just need to ASK the questions. 

Answers abound.