Like Minds (not)

This is a big one.

I have learned that, through fortune and choice, I have surrounded myself with people who think like I do and who understand me well.  That is a glorious thing!

It means, however, that I have learned to expect people to know what I’m talking about, or even what I mean.  Sometimes I end up talking in shortcuts, which works great when I’m with my family and long time friends, when I have the same boss for 10 years.  One word or phrase implies a whole story.  Often a funny one. (You know what I mean – you can post them as comments!)

This model does NOT work when I’m with new people and/or people who don’t think like I do!

My next big lessons are going to be about noticing when I’m out of my friendly frequency, when I need to spell things out, and how do make that shift!

Wish me luck!