… and everything in its place

The part about “a place for everything” is easy.  It’s the other part that’s still a lesson for me. Put it back!  The cover for the back of the car – put it back!  The wallet that goes in the purse – put it back!  The mp3 player that goes in the same purse – put it back!  Otherwise, it’s just NOT gonna be there when you need it!

Can’t Make Minutes

My lesson for today is that I can’t create time.  I can’t actually make minutes between one time on the clock and another.  So if my morning routine takes from 6:00 AM (wakeup) and 6:28 (leave home), and I want to add in some other tasks (make lunch), then I can’t actually manufacture some new time.  I will have to get up earlier (yikes) or something.  As it was, I almost missed the last seat on the oversubscribed commuter bus, so this is  perfect lesson learned … the easy way.