… and everything in its place

The part about “a place for everything” is easy.  It’s the other part that’s still a lesson for me. Put it back!  The cover for the back of the car – put it back!  The wallet that goes in the purse – put it back!  The mp3 player that goes in the same purse – put it back!  Otherwise, it’s just NOT gonna be there when you need it!

Can’t Make Minutes

My lesson for today is that I can’t create time.  I can’t actually make minutes between one time on the clock and another.  So if my morning routine takes from 6:00 AM (wakeup) and 6:28 (leave home), and I want to add in some other tasks (make lunch), then I can’t actually manufacture some new time.  I will have to get up earlier (yikes) or something.  As it was, I almost missed the last seat on the oversubscribed commuter bus, so this is  perfect lesson learned … the easy way.

“Always Bring Your Train Whistle”

In the middle of rehearsal, our performance drum group leader discovered that she had forgotten her train whistle.  “I have one!” pipes up Donna, and she pulls one out of her purse!  It was like watching a champion competitor on “Let’s Make a Deal”!  Who knew what Monte would ask for next, but I had a feeling that Donna would be ready.

The group declared “Always bring your train whistle”, which sounded like a Lesson to me.  Do you even have one?  Why not?