“Don’t Be Stupid”

That’s it.  That’s the other House Rule (see yesterday).

Barbara believes that most of life can be addressed with these two all-purpose rules.   I am thinking this may be true.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Stupid””

  1. I like the intent, but I wish the words were more positive. Remember psych 101 that taught us that the brain doesn’t do negatives? If you say to yourself “don’t do…” the brain only recieves “do…”

  2. This is what Mom said to us,Jane, when we fit 45’s over our ears in an effort to prove who had the larger ears. I believe my ears held eight. I might have made this up, but I believe Mom said..”Don’t be stupid..You are beautiful without the 45’s!” For those who don’t know what a 45 is..A 45 is a disc that held recorded music.

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