[Drive-up] Window of Opportunity

The time to check your order is when you are at the window.  Once you drive away, you may be stuck with sugar (yuk!)  in your non-fat iced latte and there is nothing you can do about it except get back in line and who’s going to do that? 

So take a minute and do the quaility check in that one and only window of opportunity.

6 thoughts on “[Drive-up] Window of Opportunity”

  1. Confession; I once drove through the local Mcdonalds on my way home from a very stress filled day. I paid for my order at the first window and then drove past the pick-up window. I was almost home when I realized I forgot my order. Lesson learned… I just paid Mcdonalds for empty calories! I slunk back and they remade my order telling me to have a nice day.

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