I may need a new category for Big Lessons, and this is one for me.

Sometimes I just need to ASK.  Instead of trying to figure out the answer or project what it is I’m answering at all, I need to just ASK: What do you have in mind?  What are your solutions for this? 

I don’t have to have all the answers.  Sometimes I just need to ASK the questions. 

Answers abound.

Flame On

I have learned that one should NEVER use a dishtowel as a potholder!  It can touch the over burner element and catch on fire!  As in big orange flames!  And then one has to throw it in the sink and drown it with the faucet!  And it’s really scary!

This is related to my dad’s instruction to “always use the right tool for the job”. 

Learn from this!

Play Nice!

I am watching someone I care about burn bridges and I am learning the value of playing nice!

But I am also learning that I can’t MAKE someone play nice.  I can ask.  I can ask nicely.  *I* can play nice.   But there is a limit to what I can do.  And that is probably a bigger lesson.  But a sadder one.