Why You Should “Sign Up” for JanesLessonsLearned

If you are reading this in your email inbox then THANKS!

Otherwise (you are on the website), this would be a great time to click the “Sign me up” button on the right, and get automatic updates of new postings.

There are lots of reasons to sign up, but my favorite is this: I love to back-date and it’s hard to see these new posts on the website!  With the subscription, you’ll get every one.

I wish I had (or could make) time to post every lesson as I learn it, but it’s been 1.5 years and that is surely not the trend.  So when I have time like this, a beautiful quiet early summer weekend morning, I grab my pile of scraps of paper, and start typing.  In the past, I’ve posted the lesson close to when I’ve learned it.  You website-only readers may never see those!  Today I’ll post them close by for you to see them, but the best way for you to not miss a lesson, which could be one I learned from YOU, is to go right ahead and sign up.

Thank you for following JanesLessonsLearned!



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