Lessons to Go

These are some of the things Kat and her helpers learned about moving :

  • Feed and water the crew.  Have snack and cold drinks at the start and end locations.
  • Wheels were invented for a reason.  Have some available.
  • If you disassemble something, put the hardware somewhere very obvious.  Maybe tape it to the item.  Or put it another container with a GREAT BIG LABEL on the outside.  (Oh my.  Just had Kat-move Déjà vu experience!  It involves a futon with missing hardware!)
What else, Kat?

Two Lessons from Tree

Today we feature two lessons taught to me by two teachers, both about Tree pose.  Which one speaks to you?

Celeste, one of my wonderful teachers at Mandala Studio of Yoga, taught me this: “If you lose your balance but you keep your breath, you haven’t lost anything at all.”      Wow!

Michelle figured out that if you practice Tree pose enough, you may find that you have enough balance to change your clothes in a gross beach changing room while balancing on one clean flip flop, never having to step directly on the icky floor.

More Secure

Carolyn taught me that you can make your connection to facebook more secure* by going to My Account  > Account Security and then:

Control your browsing and login security

Secure Browsing (https)
 Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

* more secure than what?  And how much more, with this squishy designation of “whenever possible”?  I don’t know, but it can’t hurt!

Own Up / Move On

I just learned a valuable lesson from a distant colleague: In the face of unrelenting criticism for a specific deed (or lack thereof), just confess and get on with things.

We were on our way to spending approximately forever, with 50+ people on the call, on the reasons why something wasn’t done.  Then E (let’s call her E) said “Hey – that’s on my list and I haven’t done it yet.  My bad. I’ll get to it as soon as I can” and the discussion was OVER.  The reasons really didn’t matter.  And on to other things.

Go E!