Lessons from the Campaign Trail

What a great Election Day!  These are some of the things I learned and re-learned yesterday:

1. Do what you can do.  I know that canvassing is not my thing, but I know that cold and hungry workers who are going door-to-door need hot and delicious food, and I know how to make it.  So I set out to have that be my “thing”, thinking that I would do it all day.  I brought the first mega-batch of chili to local headquarters and learned…

2.  You can’t put a triple-batch of chili into a regular crockpot and expect it to heat up at the same rate as a single batch!  Whoops.  Oh well, time took care of that and it was a big hit and meanwhile I learned…

3. Be flexible.  If canvassing is what’s needed, then that’s what I need to do!  Fortunately, I had a great team with Lava and Max, and we each did the parts we liked.  At the end of the day, we were exhausted and happy because…

(and this is the big one)

4. I need meaningful and productive work.  Maybe we all do.  But I surely do.  Working towards something and making visible progress is really rewarding and makes me happy.  Being part of a group of enthusiastic and positive people, working together over time, is also part of the formula for happiness, for me.

And then just when I thought I had learned all my lessons for the day, I also learned, from Steve:

5a. Never stick a sticker (such as a campaign sticker) on a suede item of clothing


5b. If you do, you can remove most of the residue with the edge of a spoon and then the remainder with a pencil eraser!

Now, on this “Day After”, and with any other Lessons Learned, the trick is to take it all #Forward!

One thought on “Lessons from the Campaign Trail”

  1. You are the queen of learning lessons but if you don’t learn this one I will be tearing my hair out forever (because we’ve been over this before). So here it is: the comma and period ALWAYS go inside the quotation mark. Don’t try to figure it out, just do it. Don’t say to yourself, “Well, in this case the period should go outside the quote because it’s not the end of the sentence,” because you’d be wrong. And if you want to emphasize a word, or words, like “thing,” or “Day After,” the comma goes inside. Always, always. Unless, of course, you are from the UK, but you are not. Other than this giant detail, you totally rock and I am so glad I got to canvass with you and Max because it was definitely a major high point of my year, and I truly believe that we made a difference. How cool is that!

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