Fifteen Years Ago Today

Fifteen years ago today, Sally was diagnosed with leukemia at age 12.  What our family and friends have learned from this experience would fill a lifetime of blogs, but today I want to focus on something Debbie taught me on that day: That the best way to pull yourself up is to help someone else.

Here is how we are doing that:

Sally and I are running a half-marathon to celebrate her survival and to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  You can read more about it and support us here:

Years ago, I learned that the Leukemia Society contributed to cancer research, including to the development of Gleevec, a miracle drug developed with Dana-Farber.

I recently learned that now the Leukemia Society is lobbying to ensure that all cancer patients can get access to oral chemotherapy instead of the inpatient IV therapy when available, removing the outdated loopholes and roadblocks in insurance coverage.

Read more about Sally’s story  on her awesome blog:
Thank you!
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