Why So Secret? The Hidden Menu at Panara

I first learned this from Ruth and now the awesome people from the Center for Science in the Public Interest / Nutrition Action have reminded me: Panera has a “Hidden Menu”  They are not listed on the board, but healthy and yummy items are available for the asking!Panera Hummus Bowl







I think it’s very silly that these options are hidden.  And they are not all that hidden, so it’s really a marketing trick (and look! it’s working!) but it’s still pretty cool.    The Hidden Menu items are big on protein & veggies and skip the processed carbs.  The even include breakfast, which otherwise at Panera would be something of either a thousand or a million calories. This one is “Roasted all-natural, Antibiotic-free turkey, egg whites, warm baby spinach, roasted peppers, and basil Pesto. ” I’d eat that.

Power breakfastSo check it out and let us know what you think – post your comment here.



I am learning about buckets: how to use them and how to live in them.  It’s better than it sounds.


This new lifestyle of mine is glorious and a bit confusing.  I am working 24 hours a week, which translates into three eight-hour days.  Or does it?

I thought I would have a schedule: Work Monday through Wednesday and then not work the rest of the week, using the time for play, art, writing. (Have you seen me posting here?  No? Me neither!)  Instead, I have been working around business and other needs, so that meant working different days on different weeks.  This is Week Four, looking at Week Five, and no two are alike.

It has become clear to me that I will not have a set schedule, but will continue to work around varying needs.

Then I started working partial days, thinking that a morning here would free up an afternoon there.  Before I knew it, I was working parts of many days.

So this is what I’ve learned: I need to compartmentalize, first with ON/OFF entire days.  Sometimes they will be determined by my job, sometimes by my travel or other priorities.

Then, I am learning to break those days into sections so that I am not wandering around aimlessly or spending my day in front of the computer.  For example, yesterday I dedicated an entire morning to work around our race and fundraising.  With those targeted hours, I could check off a huge list of activities that were hanging over me. Then I had  the afternoon for a series of errands that all involved driving around town.  Then I was done.

You’ll know this is working if you start seeing Lessons posted regularly!  Wish me luck!

What are your buckets?

Fight Change with Change

I learned that one way to deal with change is to just pile it on.

“Too much change!” I told Celeste.  Celeste does much more than style my hair.  She lends wisdom.  She provides calm steady guidance. And she also styles my hair.  So although I claim to love change, I told her that my new job, with all that naturally comes with it: change in work, change in location, change in co-workers, change in technology, change in schedule, was feeling like way too much change.  So she decided what I really needed was MORE CHANGE.

So she completely changed the color of my hair.

I kind of think I look like this:

And Sally thinks that I look like this (specifically on left):

So I guess you get the general idea…and color theme.

I think it worked.  It’s like running full-steam ahead into the changes.  I’ll get back to you!

Re-Label It

I learned the power of changing labels.  Kind of like one of these, but for the mind:

I have these awesome little cards that I rotate on my dresser.  One day, the card said this:

changing labels

and over the course of the day, I realized that I needed a new label for what I was doing and a new way to think of it.  I thought I was “changing jobs,” but really I was changing something else:  I was going from being a life-long “corporate employee ” (which I have loved) to being a “freelancer” (a brand new thing.)

This new label feels more authentic.  It reflects both the adventure and the risk.  It helps me understand the pervasive uncertainty that I feel.  It also makes me look around for other labels I can change.

How about you?  What’s a label you’ve changed?