Why So Secret? The Hidden Menu at Panara

I first learned this from Ruth and now the awesome people from the Center for Science in the Public Interest / Nutrition Action have reminded me: Panera has a “Hidden Menu”  They are not listed on the board, but healthy and yummy items are available for the asking!Panera Hummus Bowl







I think it’s very silly that these options are hidden.  And they are not all that hidden, so it’s really a marketing trick (and look! it’s working!) but it’s still pretty cool.    The Hidden Menu items are big on protein & veggies and skip the processed carbs.  The even include breakfast, which otherwise at Panera would be something of either a thousand or a million calories. This one is “Roasted all-natural, Antibiotic-free turkey, egg whites, warm baby spinach, roasted peppers, and basil Pesto. ” I’d eat that.

Power breakfastSo check it out and let us know what you think – post your comment here.


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