Slugger’s Secrets to Great Hitting

This is what Steve learned from Bill.  Maybe you can use it this season!

“Last week my friend Bill gave me this advice to remedy my recent slowdown in getting productive hits at softball: it’s all in the hands.  

 If you have to move your body towards or away from the pitch, inside or outside the plate, don’t swing at the pitch at all.  That’s not a good pitch to hit, chances are good it will be outside your power zone, that is, you cannot hit that pitch on the ‘sweet spot’ of the bat that gives the most distance and speed to the batted ball.  
Instead of moving your body, pick a pitch where you move only your hands inside and outside, up or down, depending on the location of the pitch. By moving your hands only, and fully extending your arms at the point of contact, you’re much more likely to hit the bat’s sweet spot and drive the pitch hard and long.   
I tried this approach for the first time this week and enjoyed one of my best hitting days of the season.  So I’ve added Bill’s advice to my mantra as I come to bat: keep your eye on the ball, watch it hit the bat, it’s all in the hands.  POW! “

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