The Mile You’re In

Hey there!  Did you miss me?  I certainly missed you all!

I have been so busy training and fundraising for my half-marathon, which is less than 38 hours from now (!) that I have been sadly neglecting sharing all the things I have learned in the last few months. They have been accumulating on scraps of paper or on emails to myself, or have just plain been lost.  I was even thinking of hanging up my … what? keyboard?  So I told Steve that this was the day I needed to either post or officially put this on hold.

Then what happens?  The most profound lesson just drops into my lap. Or into my inbox.  Yes, Kat, the inbox with exactly 11,838 unread messages.  Accept it.

Anyway, as Sally and I wrap up 3 months and just over 250 miles of running to train for the race, all that’s left is to pack our stuff, eat some carbs, and get our head in the game.  My Team in Training Mentor, Kristen, just sent this advice for the race:

1.  Trust your training
2.  Focus on the mile that you are in
3.  Enjoy your run!
I am thinking that #2 may be the best lesson ever.  What is life, if not the mile you’re in? (And yes Vicki and GBG, it is profound enough end in a preposition.  Accept it.)
The other two are pretty darn profound lessons, as well!
So I plan to take this advice, onto the course in Providence on Sunday, through the race, and right on through the finish line, through the tent with all the bagels, and the long hot shower (so happy the ice bath thing is out of favor these days) and on into my life!
But to do it right, I really can’t start with the race on  Sunday. I need to focus on the mile I’m in NOW!  I’m back with y’all and it’s the weekend! 
Thanks for hanging in!!

2 thoughts on “The Mile You’re In”

  1. I’m so glad that I could offer you some inspiration to jump-restart your blog! I am all about metaphors, so #2 is a big life lesson for me, too. I also love that you consider this profound enough to end in a preposition! 😉 Once again, best wishes to you and Sally both on Sunday…and every mile of your journey!

  2. Yes, I did miss you and your “lessons learned” and you came back with such a profound blog entry!

    I can’t wait to support you in your run tomorrow.



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