Fight Change with Change

I learned that one way to deal with change is to just pile it on.

“Too much change!” I told Celeste.  Celeste does much more than style my hair.  She lends wisdom.  She provides calm steady guidance. And she also styles my hair.  So although I claim to love change, I told her that my new job, with all that naturally comes with it: change in work, change in location, change in co-workers, change in technology, change in schedule, was feeling like way too much change.  So she decided what I really needed was MORE CHANGE.

So she completely changed the color of my hair.

I kind of think I look like this:

And Sally thinks that I look like this (specifically on left):

So I guess you get the general idea…and color theme.

I think it worked.  It’s like running full-steam ahead into the changes.  I’ll get back to you!