The Importance of Staying Down to Earth

Today’s Lesson Learned comes to you from my first art show, which was all fun and games until the wind whipped up, slammed down my carefully placed display of paintings and upended the 10×10 “pop-up” tent and sent it flying.  It was sad, it was scary, and it was unnecessary, because the word of the day is ballast. 

Here is the before picture, which features my booth designer, Jill, on the 86th and final placement of the featured items:

Uncommon Art BoothIt was awesome while it lasted.

The other artists, the seasoned/smart ones, had some kind of weight to keep the booth in place.  Some had jugs of sand, some had cement blocks, some had bags of sand like this:

ballast, it works
ballast, it works

I learned many things on the way to this show, including how to frame a canvas board, how to make professional-quality art prints, and how to use Photoshop to make industry-standards greeting card layouts from my paintings.  I learned (again) that I love the creative process around creating and marketing a product.

You can see the art up close here:, and you can also find out if I will be doing this again (once I find out.)  If it’s outdoors, you can be sure that I’ll be anchored away!