Get the Facts, Jack!

9:15 AM  I am so happy that I made it to yoga class.  I love my yoga studio.  Wow, there are only three other women here.  Well, it is a Thursday.  They all look kind of buff.  Oh well, if I’ve learned anything from a two decades of yoga, it should be to do my own thing and not compare myself to others.

9:20 AM Start with some downward facing dogs.  That’s cool.  And a bunch of planks.  Wait, you want me to do “reps” here?  I don’t know if I’ve ever even heard the word “rep” at yoga before.  I like this teacher, her instructions are clear, but why isn’t she doing this along with us?

9:25 AM I take that back.  This teacher is way too focused on “core” routines.  When I leave, I’m checking the schedule.  I know there is variation in different teachers’ ideas of “Hatha Yoga” but this feels more like a Core class!  OK now I get why she’s not doing this with us, she’s seven months pregnant!  But from now on I’m making sure someone else is teaching Hatha before I show up.

9:30 AM More “reps”??????  Are you kidding me.  This whole thing could be a core class.  This is so hard!!!

9:35 AM Wait…

9:40 AM OMG Is this a Core class?   Isn’t the schedule 9:15 every day Hatha Yoga?  I know it is on Friday and Saturday and Sunday.   It must be a different class on Thursdays!

9:45 AM Well Jane, enjoy your Core class!  It’s hard, but it’s good!  It’s just not Yoga

9:50 AM If I live through this, I am going to write a post for JanesLessonsLearned and say that today I learned to CHECK THE SCHEDULE!!!


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