If you give a clown a camera…

I learned that this is what happens if you hand over your phone to a clown and ask her to take a picture of you with another clown:

Clown Selfie6 Clown Selfie5 Clown Selfie4 Clown Selfie3 Clown Selfie1 Clown Selfie2

This is the photo I wanted and eventually got:

Ben is a Clown

We’ve known and lived across the street from Ben since he was born.  He’s wanted to be a clown as long as I can remember.  And now after lots of hard work, he is one!  He’s in THE circus, the big one, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey.

Kat and I were lucky to be in Miami at the same time as the Red Train, and we got to see Ben – he was amazing!

I learned that anyone with a ticket can come to the pre-show and hang out with the clowns, talk to the performers, try some stuff.

I learned, from Ben, that if someone asks to hold the juggling pins, it usually means that they can juggle.  A teenage boy showed us that.  His mom told us that she used to be in the circus.  Then she juggled for us.  It was extremely cool!

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