Face to Face

I have learned so much since November, and I plan to share much of it here, but the most important thing that I’ve learned is to, whenever possible, to engage with other people directly, rather than only in bulk and online.   This means stepping away from Facebook, but not necessarily very far away, as you’ll see here.

For me, this means:

  • Looking people in the eye, everywhere I go.  It turns out that I have a habit of not doing that, and apparently that’s why I never remember who our server is, in restaurants.   In public, this gesture is fleeting but it’s a connection, and it feels different.
  • Trying to focus completely on the people I’m with.  We all try to do that, right?  I’m working on putting my phone out of sight and silent while I’m with other people – another work in progress.
  • For friends far away, seeking a more connected connection, which has meant fewer “me too” Facebook replies and more emails, texts, or FB messages or even phone calls, if I have something to say, including Happy Birthday.  This has led to more conversations, more connections, some of them quite profound.
  • For friends and family closer, making the effort to spend time together, in person.  Everyone is busy and logistics take work, but this is the deepest joy of my life and it’s worth the effort!

So message, call, or come on over!


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