Catch It Early – Household edition

Cindy B says this:

I’ve learned that I shouldn’t let my house get this far gone before I start cleaning it…. And the lesson is learned once the cleaning has begun and you start kicking yourself in the butt. It may, however, be one of those things that you have to learn over and over again, unlike bicycle riding.


I learned (again) that weekends filled with friends, family, fresh air and exercise refresh and renew me, and fill me with energy.

This one included lots of that: time with my husband, long brisk walks with 3 of my very favorite friends, a yoga class, attending  my sister’s rock band debut, good food.  What’s missing?  Oh yeah!  My babies!  That’s next weekend!

They all should be this fun.

Window of Opportunity

I have learned (more than once*) that some things have an expiration date on value, and they need to be taken care of on time.    Documents that describe an event, for example, lose shelf life pretty quickly.  Feedback is another.

Get it done, get it over, get it out.

* I think I need to add a new category for Lessons Learned Again and Again