Can I See Some ID?

I just learned that, starting now, ID is required to vote in my town and my state.

I love to vote.  Nothing makes me feel more patriotic than the entire process of voting.  I love seeing candidates and supporters from my party holding signs on the corner of the parking lot.  I also love seeing candidates and supporters from the other party on the other corner.  I feel a solidarity with these dedicated citizens, standing out in the rain and cold (or like today in the gorgeous clear fall air) for their beliefs, no matter which corner they have picked.

I just love voting.

I can’t help wondering what problem we are solving with this new law.   Is there a problem in New Hampshire with voter fraud?   All I can think of is this clip, specifically the interview with Deirdre MacNab, from my most trusted source of news and information:  Florida’s Voter Registration Law

Our law is different and much more mainstream, but I have the same questions.

What did you think it meant?

Sally learned this:

“Op-ed does not mean “opinion-editorial” – it literally means it’s opposite the editorial page!”

She pointed out that Wikipedia says:
“An op-ed, abbreviated from opposite the editorial page (though often mistaken for opinion-editorial), is a newspaper article that expresses the opinions of a named writer who is usually unaffiliated with the newspaper’s editorial board. These are different from editorials, which are usually unsigned and written by editorial board members.”

Identify Yourself!

From Sally:

Even if you are just attending a rally to take notes and see what the fuss is about, people will think you’re a supporter of the cause unless you make a conscious effort to identify yourself, and the “wrong” people will congratulate you for coming. Wear a button, a shirt, bring a sign, etc. to clarify which side you’re really on.