Sweet Summer Jamfest

I learned how to make jam!

Caren taught me how to make blueberry and strawberry jam!  I learned how to mash and cook the fruit, how to sterilize and fill the jars, how to heat them in boiling water, and how to listen for the “pop” that seals them.

I won’t be telling my mom about this adventure, because this would push her over the top with her relationship with Poison Control, but I’m  confident that we did it all right!

Thanks, Caren!


End of the Big Gulp

Learned by Gale:

Today I learned that I should not be gulping down huge glasses of water just to get my daily water intake because the bloodstream can only handle being diluted by about 4 ounces at any one time. Any additional goes to the kidneys to be filter out out to maintain the osmotic balance of the blood. This means more work for the kidneys to filter water that hasn’t even had the chance to filter through the lymph system and clean the body’s tissues.

This process takes about a 1/2 hour so actually we should drink 16 4-ounce glasses of water per day. That sounds so much nicer to just keep a glass of water nearby and sip and enjoy. Ok, I can do that.

source – “Natural Eye Care, an encyclopedia by Marc Grossman