Low Tech Remedy

Jenn C, who is fighting a nasty cough, heard two different people recommend the same solution for sleep in the same day, so she tried it and it worked for her!

She put Vicks Vapor Rub on her feet at bedtime, then her socks, and then slept better and got more rest than she had in weeks.

What do you think?  Have you done this?  Why would it work?  As a reflexology-related effect, as Jenn suspects?

One thought on “Low Tech Remedy”

  1. Love that it worked for Jenn C. If you figure it out please post! Here is my latest Vicks experience.
    Two weeks ago I was suffering with the common cold when I noticed Puffs tissues now offer tissues with Vicks in every sheet! Wow, great find. Bought them, used them, loved them and left them next to my bed. My three labs also loved them, ate them all,(including box), and I spent last weekend trying to figure out why my oldest lab, Otto was so sick. The gas told the story. Whew, we were minutes away from a very expensive vet visit! Random and yet somehow related.

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