Frappey News

I learned about a this from Barbara:

“Hooray, Frappe!

Based on a sample size of one, the new McCafe Frappe from McDonald’s has proven a worthy rival to the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolatta, in both taste and price.
Frappe vs. Coolatta comparison:Frappe has thicker, sweeter consistency.  Melts less slowly on a hot, summer day.  No brain freeze on first sip.Frappe whipped cream remains until the very end.Frappe has bonus chocolate sauce swirl on top of whipped cream.Frappe is more economical (under $2) than Coolatta (over $3).  (Especially if you get the Frappe free with coupon from Sunday’s Parade Magazine newspaper supplement.)Small Coolatta is slightly larger than small (12oz) Frappe.”

What do you think?