Step AWAY from the Blackberry!

I learned another reason not to check the blackberry late at night.  By checking a new text message, I accidentally and unknowingly dialed the Loved One who had texted me, and then went, clueless, off to bed.  That left her confused and concerned.  Sorry Sweetie!

And if you want to know WHY we keep checking for new messages, it’s really well explained here:

Look for the part around this  “GROSS: I always think maybe it’ll be a little gift there, like some really wonderful message, something like really interesting and fascinating or somebody I’m dying to hear from.”

Keep it Zipped

I did listen to Steve when he told me that my backpack was open, and I zipped it.  But when I left the Kenmore Square post office, I made the same mistake and missed it, and my stuff came tumbling out on the sidewalk.   Fortunately, my laptop stayed put, but my brand new $2 clock got banged up badly.

The lesson is to pay more attention and keep the bag zipped!

Eggplant Last!

Lesson that Sally learned from Rachael Ray:

When making a stew with eggplants, add and saute the other veggies first and then put the eggplant on top.  This way, the other veggies share the oil and then emit their own liquids to cook the eggplant.  If you add the eggplant first, it soaks up all the oil and you end up having to use a lot more oil.

I wish I had known this when I cooked eggplant a few weeks ago… it was like a sponge for oil!

If at first you don’t succeed….

…write to your company’s help desk!  My laptop’s internet was on the fritz, and one quick email to a friend at my company’s help desk pointed me in the right direction!  Before you wail in despair and buy a new computer, ask a friend with some techno know-how to help!

Learned by Kat!  Thanks, Kat!

A Place for Everything…

only works if you put everything in its place.  I have “learned” this so many times that I can’t even bear to look to see how many times I’ve posted it!

One day this week, I could not find my bus ticket as I was boarding the 7 AM bus to Boston, so I had to run inside and buy another.  I bought a new 10-pack.  Later in the day,  I found it, not in the designated spot in my purse.   Since these tickets expire in just about the time it takes me to use one pack at a time, this could have been  an expensive mistake/lesson. were it not for part 2 / tomorrow’s lesson


This is new term that I learned today – heard in a meeting in context that made perfect sense as in: you click here and then a miracle occurs.

Wiktionary (another new thing for me) says it is the “Blend of automatic and magic; from the principle (often called Clarke’s third law) that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Know Where You’re Going

I am learning how important it is to know where I’m going.

It could be driving in Boston (see ALL those entries about using a GPS in Boston), for which it’s important to know where I’m going in two ways: know that the GPS picked the right destination, and then know the general idea about the destination (for when the signal is lost in the tunnel AND the cowpath thing freaks out the GPS).

Or it could be knowing where I need to be, as in my dream last night where I was frantically trying to get to a drumming thing but instead climbing ladders in the wrong direction.  Bummer.

Or it could be my career.

They all have this in common: Know where you’re going.