“Receipts are good”

So says the Boston Express counter woman who gave me a refund on the extra tickets I bought, since I still had my receipt.  Without it, nothing!

I may have been accused by A Loved One as having a “trash purse”, but most of that extra stuff is almost always just lots of receipts.  Now we know the true value of that!  Receipts are good!

4 thoughts on ““Receipts are good””

  1. My darling husband not only requires I keep all receipts, but we sit down once a month and he asks me what everything is for as he keys them into Quicken before he reconciles the charge statement. Torture. Then he’ll randomly ask me stuff like, “Want to know how much you’ve spent at Barnes & Noble this year?” to which the answer is always “No!”

  2. I have more than one Trash Purse! ( not seasonal). In each and every purse I have Ziplock baggies that I put the latest receipts. At the end of the month, I combine the “Saves” and place them in a bigger baggy labled 6 months and the date. Humiliating but effective. Eventually, they get thrown out… really

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