Get off one stop before I do

(if you don’t know that punch line one of us will fill you in)

Anyway. I have learned that there are many answers to the question “how many pushups can I do in one minute”. This week’s answer is “about 4 fewer than I did Monday at bootcamp testing”. My answer for the future is “I don’t want to know enough to find out”

I may be learning more about the phrase I keep hearing this afternoon: “rotator cuff”

Posted from an Emergency Room in Madison WI.

Hey, Look What Jane Printed!

I have learned that it’s important to set your default printer.  If your computer is re-imaged (because , for example, you work somewhere that had re-imaging as the solution for all problems computer) then you have to set the defaut printer AGAIN.

If you don’t do this, you may be printing who-knows-what, from your home office, on the big public printer in the office!

Frappey News

I learned about a this from Barbara:

“Hooray, Frappe!

Based on a sample size of one, the new McCafe Frappe from McDonald’s has proven a worthy rival to the Dunkin Donuts Coffee Coolatta, in both taste and price.
Frappe vs. Coolatta comparison:Frappe has thicker, sweeter consistency.  Melts less slowly on a hot, summer day.  No brain freeze on first sip.Frappe whipped cream remains until the very end.Frappe has bonus chocolate sauce swirl on top of whipped cream.Frappe is more economical (under $2) than Coolatta (over $3).  (Especially if you get the Frappe free with coupon from Sunday’s Parade Magazine newspaper supplement.)Small Coolatta is slightly larger than small (12oz) Frappe.”

What do you think?

Get Your Ice Cold Water Here

I have learned, from Barbara and then by my own experience, that you can take unopened (only) bottles of water (only) into Red Sox games.  Those people with those six-packs of ice cold water looked mighty smart on that sweltering day when the rest of us were going in to pay outrageous prices for water in plastic!

Go If You’re Going

My 7 AM boot camp is really hard.  Yesterday is was hard muscle stuff.  Today it was really hard cardio stuff (oh yeah, I’ve learned that running does not qualify as training for sprinting!)  I’ve learned that the hardest thing is to get out the door.  After that I’m on my way, in the car, out of the car, and stuck doing whatever ridiculous challenge they throw at us for the session.  There is only one decision: go or not go.  The rest is just DO.

Pull Over and Eat

On this day, Kat and I learned on the way to NYC, and I learned again on the way home, that some road food is just not meant to be eaten on the road.  Pull up a seat in the restaurant and relax and take a break, because it doesn’t save any time if you later figure out that you have to pull over and eat, and it’s not good for the inside of the car!  Trying to drive and eat could be bad for the outside of the car!

We did have some yummy messy food though!