This is new term that I learned today – heard in a meeting in context that made perfect sense as in: you click here and then a miracle occurs.

Wiktionary (another new thing for me) says it is the “Blend of automatic and magic; from the principle (often called Clarke’s third law) that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Know Where You’re Going

I am learning how important it is to know where I’m going.

It could be driving in Boston (see ALL those entries about using a GPS in Boston), for which it’s important to know where I’m going in two ways: know that the GPS picked the right destination, and then know the general idea about the destination (for when the signal is lost in the tunnel AND the cowpath thing freaks out the GPS).

Or it could be knowing where I need to be, as in my dream last night where I was frantically trying to get to a drumming thing but instead climbing ladders in the wrong direction.  Bummer.

Or it could be my career.

They all have this in common: Know where you’re going.

Air Hunger

I learned a new term, dyspnea, which means shortness of breath.  Even the spell-checker here doesn’t know it!

I am fortunate and grateful to be managing a project that is intended to improve the quality of life for lung cancer patients, and this is a symptom to manage.

You can learn more about it here:

Board Game

I learned that if you are going to use whiteboard cleaner, do it when you are not going to need to stay in the immediate area.  Use it, for example, on the way out the door at night.  That stuff is unnecessarily strong.

What I have NOT yet learned is why a brand new whiteboard and brand new whiteboard markers even NEED whiteboard cleaner!  What happened to the technology of oh about 15 years ago – the idea of using a plain  old chalkboard type eraser, without noxious chemicals, and it worked just fine?