Best App EVER

While shopping for a digital camera at Best Buy, I tried the Consumer Reports app to look for ratings. All you do is hold the phone over the bar code on the box. No reviews yet but they did show that Amazon had it $10 cheaper so I asked for a price match, while flashing the Amazon page, and got it!

Today I was cutting though a different Best Buy and saw the cutest case for my new camera. I thought $20 was a bit steep so I tried the CR scanner again and got it for $9.99! (they did not have Amazon in the cash register list and had to use “other” but it worked!)

There are other bar code lookup apps that will tell prices. Let me know what works for you.

Here is the prize itself:


Avoiding Meeting Madness

So many lessons from one event, and the first one learned by me about a thousand times so far,, and counting.

1. VERIFY the meeting time!  Otherwise, a leisurely trip may turn into a big crisis, needlessly!  It’s as easy as counting on the calendar, rather than my memory.  Just do it!

2. Comm Ave at Kenmore Square is a great place to catch a cab

3. A cab ride is that saves the day is worth its weight in gold.  Well…maybe not quite that much. But possibly the more than the number on the meter, and I can split the difference.  Well… maybe not split it in half, but I can certainly afford to show my appreciation for having my day saved.

4. It feels really good, when going to a new place to meet with new people, to arrive early.