Space Matters

I learned that a great yoga teacher, a great class format, and great energy from the class is not enough for me.  If the class space doesn’t work, it can cancel it all out.

I had all of the good stuff in a community class, but it was held in a science classroom and the posters and materials that covered every wall were constantly distracting to me (Gale says I have Visual ADD and that would explain it).  But the worst part was that, at the end of every class, we had to restore the tables and chairs to the classroom setup, which meant screeeeeching them across the floor.  Talk about canceling out the vibe!

In the last class that I will attend in that setting, the two chairs on top of the table fell off and hit me in the head, one at a time, during this process.

As my godson Steve said as he walked out of his first movie at age 2, after watching the opening number in the Lion King, “Done!”.