Toad You So

I learned that it’s a really good idea to check your kayak for toads before leaving shore.  Then I learned that it’s best not to freak out if a toad jumps on your feet while kayaking, because hey, how can a little thing like that hurt anyone?  Then I learned that if you jump too high in a kayak, you can flip and spill into the lake.  Then I learned that it’s really quite hard to swim in a life jacket, although it looks like it would be easy.  Then I learned, from Sally, that toads can’t live in water (hey is this even true?) so they have to be brought to shore or in this case the nearest island.

Bottom line: Check the kayak for hitchhikers first and save yourself a lot of trouble!

2 thoughts on “Toad You So”

  1. Good advice, Here’s another one for you…Don’t try rescuing from your kayak what you THINK to be a struggling little FAWN trying to swim across Moore Resevoirt in Littleton NH. Heck, it’s head looked small! Fortunately for me, it finally got close enough to shore there was no need for me to just reach over and pull it into my kayak…plus, she came leaping out of the water as a full grown 125 lb doe with long pointy feet and teeth.

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