Biking to Work Along the River Charles

I have learned how to use the new Hubway public bikes in Boston and it’s a hoot!

Earlier, I posted that bikes were free for the first 30 minutes.  I have since learned that this is only true after the cost of membership, which is $80/year.  The alternative is to pay $5 a day for a membership, which is what I’ve done twice now.

I took the bus to Boston and brought my helmet.

I picked up a bike at the corner Arlington and Boylston Streets, popping in my credit card and following the prompts to get a code to unlock a bike.

Since you can’t ride through the Public Garden, I had to ride in traffic around the block, which was scary the first time.  Then I popped onto the Fieldler Footbridge, and onto the Esplanade!

All my life, it seems, I have admired and envied those lucky Bostonians who walk, run and bike along this glorious path along the Charles River.  Now I’m one of them!

I rode my little bike, complete with retro mechanical bell, along the water, over bridges, along the path.

I asked a walker to take my photo and she readily agreed.  Just as I was getting back on the bike and reflecting on just how geeky that was, another Hubway biker coming towards me flashed his iPhone and said “I’m going to ask her to take my picture, too!”

I took the BU footpath, just past Kenmore Square and rode a short way to my office, which has a Hubway bike stand right on the end of my street!

Unbelievably fun!