Worth 1K Words

I have learned (I hope) to take my camera (in its waterproof bag of course) on every kayak ride,

On this day, the late afternoon light and the calm water combined to make this amazing illusion: at water level the shoreline and trees made an absolutely perfect reflection.  It looked exactly like we were riding in the sky.  It was kind of eerie and very very cool.  I so wanted to capture it!

This is an approximation, but taken later from the boat ramp, much higher up.  In our actual boating experience, the sky blue was all around us, not dark like this.  But you can get the idea.

2 thoughts on “Worth 1K Words”

  1. Once, flying over one of the great lakes, it was very hazy and the horizon line just disappeared. Blue sky and blue water in a seamless sphere. It was like flying in a vacuum… very beautiful, cool and kind of eerie. Your story reminded me of that. AND I always see the coolest things when I don’t have a camera handy….

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