Dude, Where’s My Car?

A long time ago, I figured out that this LessonsLearned thing was only going to work if I am willing to share even the stupidest mistakes from which I am learning.  So here we go.   I have learned to put a reminder on my calendar, even a little tiny one, if I am going to have to change my routine.  This time, I was minutes away from making a mistake into a really big mistake.

I have now commuted to Boston hundreds of times.  And almost all of them on the bus.  So at the end of the day it was a very well-paved synapse path in my brain that led me, via the T, to South Station, then up the escalators and out the center door of Gate 2 to my bus to New Hampshire.   This time, as I reached for the door I said “Oh no!” (or words to that effect) as I remembered that my car was in Somerville, and that I should be taking the Red Line to Davis Square to get it, not getting on the bus at all!

It was a complicated scheme that including watching Baby Lillian the previous night, staying with Sally, and commuting in on the Red Line.  The rest of the plan was to include taking the Red Line back to Davis and driving home, and eventually that is just what came to pass.

I was, however, haunted all evening by the notion of how close I came to figuring this out five minutes later than I did, on the bus and headed up I93!

Sally thinks I need the new Apple 4S so that I can say to it “remind me to go to Davis when I leave work”.  But I think one or two words on my calendar around the 5PM spot (“drive”/”davis”/”get car”) would have done the trick!