Just Do It / Single Step / I’m Back

Hi!  I’m back!  Over the next few days, I will be posting some of the many lessons I have learned lately.

One of the biggest ones that I have re-re-re-learned is this: Just do it, take that single step to get back on track.  For a career procrastinator*, this is the biggest challenge of all: once I fall behind, it gets harder and harder to catch up. 

In my freshman year in college, I met a boy who skipped class for a week.  I was astounded.  How could anyone do that?  Later, I learned that you do it by skipping just one class, for whatever good reason. Then just one more.  Very quickly, it gets harder to go back – there is work to make up and there is work to even find out the work to make up.  Procrastination feeds on itself, and before you know it, you are sitting on the sorority house roof drinking beer with your friends the day before finals and confessing that  you haven’t been to a class since mid-Terms.  OK that wasn’t me, but I was there and you get the idea.

I’ve learned lots of lessons lately.  And now that I’m back, without making up any excuses or inventing tragedies that have befallen imaginary grandparents (you know who you are and don’t worry you clearly turned out responsible and honest), I’ll be finding those scraps of paper and posting A LESSON A DAY until I run out of material.

I will try to post this near the date when I learned it.  If you are getting this via email (you smart person!) you’re all set.  If you have stumbled on on in the blog, you’ll need to browse back through time to find new entries and anyway you should subscribe now!

Thanks for hanging in with me!


* In 1980, I sent for an application to the Procrastinators Club of America. They were a real organization, based in Philadelphia, and had trips like the one to England to complain about the crack in the Liberty Bell “It’s about time someone did something about this” they said at the time.  I still have that paper application (really) because I didn’t want to rush it and not qualify.

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